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You want to be in a career you enjoy but are not sure how to go about finding it


You are feeling uncertain or stuck in your current career and want to understand why, or if you can make it better, or if you would be happier doing something else


You want to help a friend or loved one so they can choose a fulfilling career and/or college major


You are part of a layoff or left your job and want help to successfully prepare to find a new position

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How we help

Self-Discovery and Career Selection

We help you assess your unique natural abilities, preferred behavior and communication styles, and help you identify career options, their economic outlook, and the educational pathways to get there.

Attain work & life balance

When your career is not aligned well with who you are, what you do best, and what you desire, you experience tremendous stress. We help you get in balance.

Career mentoring

We provide personalized guidance and support through career transitions. From job search strategy, effective resumes and LinkedIn profiles, preparation for interviews, negotiations, and offer acceptance. We help you identify and achieve your next success.

Don't Waste

Your Talent!

People who focus on their natural abilities and follow a strategic plan based on a strong personal vision, experience the profound and lasting benefits of reduced stress, more overall balance, decreased burnout and greater satisfaction.

Every one of us is born with the ability to be great at something. We help you identify that ability and use it.

About our founder

Caroline Sangal

Why Next Success?

Next Success was created to be the helpful resource Caroline wish she previously had. Our purpose is to help you in your career discovery or career changes and to provide the support, resources, and essential coaching to get you to your next success.

Experienced in Career Transitions

She knows what it feels like to: change college majors, shift career directions, focus a job search on one specific location, be part of a reduction in force, return to work after being a stay-at-home mom, and to be successful by all external measures but feel like something is missing and she was made for more.

HR and Coaching Credentials

She holds the Society of Human Resources Certified Professional SHRM-CP, is a DISC certified practitioner, Highlands Certified Consultant, and Don't Waste Your Talent Certified Coach. She serves as an American Chemical Society ACS Career Consultant and is pursuing National Career Development Association Certified Master of Career Services. She's earned multiple AIRS recruiting certifications, and earned MRI Networks Certified Senior Account Manager CSAM.

Industry Experience

Prior to starting Next Success, Caroline gained 10 years' experience working directly in chemical industry related research and development positions, and 9 years working to search, attract, and recruit talent for all levels of chemical industry related positions. She earned global top performer, Pacesetter, for five consecutive years and has coached hundreds of candidates through successful career transitions.


Truth is... she's a nerd, but a personable extroverted one! She earned a B.S. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science. Those provide a strong fundamental understanding in search and research, experimental design, gathering data from a variety of sources, making meticulous observations, solving problems, working with and through others, and communicating complex topics to all levels of audiences.

Personal Life

Caroline lives with her husband, two teenagers, and two cats in Durham, NC. She enjoys traveling, making memories with family and friends. hiking, water sports, rollercoasters, reading, and is constantly learning something new.


Client Reviews

Caroline is great to work with... I am very grateful to her. When you talk to her it feels like you are talking to someone you have known for years, like family. She makes you feel very comfortable. And she will have your needs, your requirements on top priority. I trust her completely and I would highly recommend working with Caroline.


Palak C.

Caroline presented me for a position that was a complete career change for me. I felt confident with the support and preparation she gave me during the interview process. She was responsive and professional. I was ultimately successful in getting an offer, which I accepted. Thank you Caroline!



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